Training for students from different countries is conducted in 21 directions and 33 specialties for the accreditation levels of Bachelor, Specialist and Master.

Those graduates who have decided to change their received specialty may become students of Institute of Post-University Training and get an after-diploma education. It carries out retraining and upgrading of specialists’ skills in all University specialties with awarding state diplomas. For day-time department students the term of study lasts 19 months, for correspondence department students 18 months.

Pre-University Preparatory Department offers many-sided and profound knowledge to the applicants and students of the University on the Preparatory Courses. The term of study lasts – 8, 6, 4 months.

There is a Military Department at the University. Its staff enrolls 400 military specialists. Students may obtain a military rank there and it is possible both for boys and girls.

 Today National University has a teaching and research staff of over 719 lecturers among them are: 72 professors, 320 associate-professors, 45 academicians who are the Members of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and foreign countries.

Doctor Dissertation Defense Scientific Councils and special Candidate Dissertation Councils operate at the University. Highly qualified lecturers at special departments guide those students who want to conduct their research work in most specialties at the University.

The University maintains international relations with different Universities and organizations of Belarus, Bulgaria, Poland, Germany, France, USA, Russia and other countries.

The graduates of the University work in different branches not only in Ukraine but abroad too.

 Foreign students are provided with living accommodation in the hostels of the Campus.

University gives opportunity to those students who take interest in singing or dancing to join any of 19 art groups.

Those students who got used to regular training can find themselves in different sport sections. Much is done for the recreation and rest of the students.

 National University is awarded by Peoples Friendship Order, it is included to the Golden book of“Business Elite of Ukraine”, more than once it was the winner of “Top Enterprises of Ukraine” in the nomination of“Higher Education”, the winner of the all Ukrainian competition “The Best Employer of the Year” among the enterprises of Rivne region.

Dear parents and applicants!You have made the right choice – coming to the University and connecting your future with the National University of Water Management and Nature Resources Use.